Thursday, July 8, 2010

One Big Ouchie Made All Better With One Little Bandaid

The other day at work, Michael got stepped on by a 2100 lb draft horse.  The horse was donning beautfiul, huge metal horseshoes.  Michael, a mere 155 lbs was wearing nice leather boots.  While they provided some needed protection, they were no match against the horse.  Olivia, upon seeing his "ouchie" immediately ran to the bathroom and came out with a beautiful, small purple Princess and the Frog bandaid.  She carefully put it on Michael's ouchie and proclaimed him all better!  He also claimed immediate healing.  Who could argue with a little 3 year old princess taking care of her daddy?  That night as I was tucking the kids into bed, Zane said he wanted daddy to snuggle him up.  I made the statement that daddy wasn't going to tonight because his foot hurt.  Olivia, who has found her way to the bottom bunk of Dillon's bed making that her new permanent bed, piped up and reminded us all that daddy's foot was all better because she got him a princess bandaid.  I kissed her and thanked her again for taking care of daddy.  She went to sleep happy knowing that she had done a good thing!  Now a few days have passed and the colors on Michael's foot have grown and brightened.  It's really quite pretty if you can look past the fact that it was caused by a 2100 lb metal shoe!  I'm sure it would hurt really bad if it were not for the healing powers of that bandaid.  But, because of the quick healing, he was able to continue working (with a slight limp) while wearing boots (a size bigger).  And yes, in case you were wondering, Michael's feet are kind of shaped like cowboy boots, although the middle toe on his right foot is usually not that long.  It has grown from the swelling.


Joyce said...

Those are some pretty colors. Where did he get those narrow feet? They are just skinny, kind of like Maddi-girls.

Emma said...

I think they run in the family. Someone told me his mom had narrow feet too!

Melissa said...

Oh my gosh, that could have been much worse! Glad the band aid helped, haha!