Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

We had a fun weekend ths 4th of July.  Saturday Michael had a parade somewhere so the kids and I stayed home, did chores (no that wasn't the fun part) and waited for our new pony to arrive.  He is a 3 yer old gelding.   He is very gentle.  We will break him to drive for fair next year.

We have decided to name him Sadler.  We spent the evening at home together and up at the barn having pony rides. 

Sunday I took the kids to church for sacrament.  Michael had to stay home to get ready for the parade in Hendricks.  The ranch was asked to take a wagon and team of horses to be in their parade.  After sacrament, the kids and I headed up there too.  We weren't going to miss a chance to see friends and be in the parade.  The weather was cloudy with a slight breeze, just perfect for a parade. 

Zane ended up riding on a golf cart with one of the kids favorite teachers of all time.  He got to throw candy to the crowds and even managed to save himself a little bit of candy for later. 

 Maddi and Makenna got to ride on the front of a combine with one of their friends.  The combine was in line behind our wagon so I got to watch them giggle and laugh and try to throw candy out beyond the combine tires so the kids could get it.  Unfortunately there were many peices of candy smooshed by those big tires! 

Zeke and Dillon rode up top with Michael and Orville.  They each got a turn driving which totally made their day. 

Olivia and I rode in the back of the wagon waving and greeting old friends.  It was a lot of fun.  After the parade, Michael headed back to the ranch with the horses and the kids and I stayed for a few more hours.  We went to the park and played with friends and then went to the community pinic.  I was so glad we were able to go.  When it was time to go, Maddi had a meltdown and started bawling.  It broke my heart.  I tried to be tough and tell her to get over it, but inside I was crying just as hard as she was.  It is so hard to leave that little town and those friends.  It's even harder when the kids are feeling that same pain. 

We got home in time to go on a pony ride, light a few sparklers and head to the hill to watch the fireworks.  The mosquitoes were so bad that even with bug spray on we only lasted a few minutes before we had to go home. 

Monday was a lazy day at home.  Michael had the day off so he mowed the yards.  I went to the store and made ice cream.  We also cleaned the garage and organized it (again).  That evening some friends came over for dessert.  We went for more pony rides and lit off some fireworks.  It was a fun ending to the weekend.  Unfortunately, with all the fun we had during the weekend, I did not do a very good job taking pictures.  Next time....

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