Monday, June 28, 2010

We Have A Purple Ribbon!!

And a blue one...but the purple one brought a bigger smile because the purple means you qualified for state.  Makenna got to show a little miniature pony named Peanut in the 4-H horse show today. 

Her day started at 5:45 am and didn't end until about 3:30.  Her first show was halter and showmanship.  She had to be able to lead Peanut around the arena ad then bring him to a stop and get him lined up and square.  Front feet shoulder width apart, hind feet even. 

Then the judge would walk around the horse and check his quarters and Makenna would also have to move so that she could always see the judge and her horse. While she was moving, the horse couldn't.  The she had to trot her hose back to the line and wait while the other horses were judged.  She got a blue ribbon in that and she was very excited and pleased with herself. I was very impressed with her too.

Next up was the driving.  They got Peanut's mane and tail all pretty and got her hooked up to the cart. 

Then came the waiting.  She was ready to go when they called her in. 

Michael rode with her on the cart.  She did an excellent job and so did Peanut.  They had to walk the pony around the arena, then slow trot, work trot (a little faster) and then strong trot (even faster) the back to a walk, switch directions and do it again. 

Then they had to go to the middle of the arena.  Michael had to get off and Makenna had to make Peanut back the cart up, pull it forward and make him stop.  Once again she did an excellent job.  She got a purple ribbon for her driving!  I wish I could have captured the smile she had on her face when they gave her that ribbon!  I have never seen a smile so big!  She was so proud. 

Michael said seeing her face totally made his day and made all the work put into it worth it.  Now, with the two ribbons hanging proudly in the kitchen, we will begin work on the State Fair.  We have around a month to prepare.  There will be bumps in the road but hopefully the pride she felt today will carry her through.


Spencer and Kimberly said...

That's awesome! Nice job Makenna! She's such a cute cowgirl!

Melissa said...

Yay, that is excellent!! Great job Makenna, Mom and Dad!!