Saturday, June 26, 2010


This week is finally winding down to a close.  It has been such a crazy week.  We started out with a basketball clinic that Maddi and Makenna went to at Tri-Valley.  It was Monday - Wednesday from 9 am to 11am.  They had fun and worked hard.  Those mornings we had to be up and out by 8:25.  Not too early, but when all six kids are involved it takes some work.  After bball clinic there were chores to be done, games to be played and hot, hot afternoons spent at the barn.  Makenna has been getting ready for her 4-H state qualifying horse show that's on Monday so she has had to spend every afternoon up there.  All the kids love going up there so I usually take them and we spen several hours there.  They like interacting with the boys who are there and watching the draft horses and playing in the straw piles. 

Monay evening at the barn proved quite eventful.  Michael and Makenna had Peanut (Makenna'smini that she's driving for the fair) hooked up to his cart and they were utting air in the tires.  Well, Makenna was holding Peanuts head so he wouldn't run.  When Michael started putting the air in the tires, Peanut jumped which made Makenna scream, which made Peanut ake off running, which made Makenna scream more, which made Peanut run faster.  Makenna lost the reins and Peanut headed down a steep hill towards bleachrs and fences.  Michael ran after Peanut, dove for the cart and luckily caught the back rail of it.  Then he pulled himself up over the top (as they head over the edge of the hill) and grabbed the reins and got him stopped just before Peanut hit the fence.  Makenna is at the top of the hill crying.  All the kids are watching this take place, kind of scared I might add.  When Michael went over the top of the hill, I started running imaging more broken ribs and other injuries to him and the pony.  Luckily all was stopped before anything happened.  Michael brought Peanut back and I held the horse while he finished putting air in the tires.  Unfortunately, Makenna was emotionally done for the night so the driving session was not the best one she ever had.  We finished the night with  a marshmallow roast with the neighbors and an 11 o'clock bedtime. 

Tuesday it was back up and off to school.  I took the kids to the park until we got eaten by misquitoes and had to leave.  We went back to the school and watched the girls play ball.  Tuesday afternoon we headed to the gym to renew our family membership and then did a little shopping before we went to the barn.  Tuesday night Dillon had a baseball game.  I took him there while Michael stayed home with the kids.  We ate supper at 9pm that night.  Once again we had an 11pm bedtime.

Wednesday was the last day of camp.  I dropped the girls off and then we came back home and went to the barn (Olivia's favorite place).  Chores were done in the afternoon and then up to the barn.  It was really hot that day.  After we were done with the horses, I took all the kids to Dairy Queen for some ice cream.  That was around 5:30.  Then back home and back up to the barn.  Makenna wasn't able to work with Peanut taht day because she had lost control of herself and fought with me for hours and thew all sorts of fits filled with yelling, arguing, kicking, screaming and anything else she could think if.  It wore me out.  By the end of the day I was completely exhausted and drained of everything.  She has been doing a lot better with her fits, but I guess the combination of being tired, hot and nervous about the upcoming horse show was just too much for her.  That day was also the day that inspired my previous blog with the muddy shoes, knocked out front tooth, whining and tattling.  I was more than glad to go to bed that night!

Thursday was a fun day.  We met friends at the park and played.  Then we had a picnic lunch and went swimming until 3.  Then it was home and up to the barn.  We spent several hours there.  Dillon had a baseball game at 6pm.  Michael took him and the other kids to the game while I went to the gym to finish signing papers and then ran to the store for some fruit for supper.  It was another late night eating but we did get to bed by 10pm instead of 11!

Friday we were up and gone again by 8:30.  We headed to Garretson to Devils Gulc with some friends.  We had heard there was hiking around there so we decided to check it out.  When our friends got there, we realized she had a leaky tire so we loadd back up and went and found a tire shop.  Then we all loaded into our Expedition (9 kids, 2 adults and a dog) and went back to Devils Gulch.  Luckily it was a very short drive.  The hiking there ended up only being a 30 minute trail so we went to a park and the kids played until lunch time.  Then we had  picnic lunch and playe some more.  The longer they played the more the kids whined.  We dedcided it was time to leave when Olivia pooped her pants!  The bathrooms had to running water or paper towels.  I had to undress her from the waste down, wipe her up with some water and an old shirt we had in the back of the car load her up half naked and drive her the 30 minutes home.  It started ot interesting and ended interesting!  We got home, changed our clothes had a snack and then we were off to the barn again.  We spent a few hours up there, came home and ate and then went back up again.  Then Olivia had another accident (this time she just wet herself) and Zeke mis aimed when he was peeing in one of the stalls so he was wet too.  Back home we went to clena up again!  Michael camehome for a few minutes and then he left again.  We eventually went to find him. They were supposed toe welding Makenna's horse cart (it had gotten broken the day before) butg were waiting for a part to come.  So we went home, everyone bathed and we went down to the basement to watch a movie and eat popcorn.  Another exhausting day.

Today will be the same and so will tomorrow and Monday.  Michael was at work at 7am.  We ahve chores to do this morning.  After chores, we will go to the gym so I can exercise and then we will swim.  Makenna will have to do some driving some time today.  I also have to go shopping and make cookies (13 dozen) to take to the barn tomorrow.  We are also supposed to have a church potluck tonight but I'm not sure we will be able to make it. 

Tomorrow is church.  I have to teach the Relief Society lesson (that is for the adult women's Sunday School class).  That's my new calling.  Did I mention I had a new calling?  I do.  I teach Relief society.  I was sad to leave my little 10 year olds but I am glad to be with the women again.  Adult conversation is good!  After church we have to head up to the barn to get the horses ready for the show.  There is also a barrel racing here at the ranch.  It will be a busy, busy day.  Monday will start at 6am and I'm not sure when it will end, but I know it ends with me going to the dentist which I am not at all excited for!

So, that has been our week!  Sorry to go on and on like that, but I wanted you to feel the exhaustion the same way I felt it and the only way to do that was to give step by step details!  I do have pictures from our trip to Devils Gulch so at least you get to look at something fun at the end of my 20 page post!

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