Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Pools Are Open!

You know summer is officially here when trips to the pool begin.  That means it is official here.  We have made our summer debut to the kids favorite pools here in Sioux Falls.  We have even been swimming in the rain already (kids after my own heart - rain never stopped us from swimming when we were little, just lightening!)  Let the fun begin!  All the kids grabbed their swim goggles, towels and away we went.  I did have to stop the car on the way to the pool and get a picture of Zeke in the back seat.  He was so cute with the straps pulled down making his ears flap over.  Olivia, of course, had to have her picture taken too.  She loves her pink goggles.  Their goggles have come in handy for several occasions - swimmking being one of those.  But another one was in a parade.  Last weekend we got to ride in the wagon in a parade with the McCrossan boys.  It happened to start sprinkling a few times and the goggles were immediately put on to keep the rain out of their eyes.  They got all sorts of smiles and extra waves from people as we rode along with them sitting in the wagon waving to everyone with their goggles on!

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

Ha ha! I have a feeling Zeke and Will will get along!