Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Home Again

Well, after 10 days of being gone, we are finally home again.  It felt so good to walk through the door and eventually fall into my bed!  We had a lot of fun and a few tears.  It was a long trip and a VERY long drive, but the kids did really well and we are glad we went.  We spent time in Dillon, Montana,  Rupert, Idaho and Gren River, Wyoming.  We got to see grandparents, great grandma, cousins,aunts, uncles and friends.  We made sugar cookies, s'mores, and rice kripsy treats; went on a safari, 4 wheeler rides and had manicures (only the girls).  We fished, grilled, roasted hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire, played in the sprinklers and went to the park.  We went swimming, slept in the car, on numerous beds and air mattresses and a hotel, went to a ghost town, walked through snow and tried to skip rocks on the lake.   We dealt with snow, wind, rain, throw up, potty breaks and deer, but we all made it home safely.  I will post pictures and tell more about our little trip later.  For now we are just glad we are home and everyone is safe and feeling good!

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Melissa said...

I'm glad to hear you made it home safely and it sounds like you had a great time!