Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun at the Parade

Saturday we went with Michael and a few of the boys from the ranch to a parade in Canby, MN.  It was a beautiful day for a parade.  The boys got to ride in the ranch van with Michael and I followed later with the girls.  They took their fancy wagon that they used in Obama's inaugural parade.  It is really high up - the same dimensions as the Budweiser wagon.  Our friend, Orville came and rode too.  He is 92 years old now and still works 7 days a week.  He is such an amazing person and we have grown to love him over the years.  He loves seeing the kids and they love to see him.  He rode up top on the bench with Michael and the rest of us rode in the back and waved at everyone.  Olivia had lots of fun waving but would get upset when everyone wouldn't wave back!  At some points during the parade she would lay down and hang her feet over the edge of the wagon so all people would see were her two dirty little feet swinging back and forth over the edge.  Then she would sit up, wave a little and lay back down.  We had a good time.  My kids, as I've stated before, loe the boys here and the boys seem to like them too.  Dillon, especially, has bonded with a few of them.  We had a good time teasing and laughing in the back of the wagon and the boys watched out for the little kids and took care of them.  Hopefully we'll get to ride along again in another parade soon!

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