Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Signs of the School Year Ending

We are now officially done with the school spring concerts.  Makenna, Zane and Dillon had theirs a week ago and Maddi had hers last night.  It is a sure sign that school is almost over.  I personally dislike the concerts. I know, bad mommy.  It's not that I don't like to see my kids sing and play the recorders, but it gets long and hot for the little kids that aren't involved.  They all did a good job though and they all got dressed up nice and were excited to go.  The weather was horrible last night and we had to run through the parking lot in the pouring rain with the little kids crying because the wind kept blowing their hoods off!  We made it there and back safely though.  The kids brought home their last list of spelling words for the year.  That brought some cheers and big smiles.   They have returned their last library books.  The field trips are coming quickly and the excitement is growing.  Makenna already took her field trip to see the Little House on the Prairie homestead in DeSmet.  She loved it.  Dillon gets to go to the plant where they make fire trucks, go on a picnic and go to a farm.  Zane gets to go to the park and to the zoo and the Washington Pavilion.  Maddi gets to go bowling and then go to a park where she will get to go on a pontoon boat ride.  They are all very excited.  Of course, the last day of school is the day we get to leave on our trip.  They are planning what they will bring and what they will wear.  Makenna was ready to pack yesterday but I told her no!  Anyways, the signs are here, the excitement is here, now we just have to make it through this last week and a half!  Wish me luck!


Uniqual Expressions said...

the end of the year is always fun

Uniqual Expressions said...

the end of the school year is always fun