Sunday, May 9, 2010

Packing List

I told the kids tonight that they needed to start making a list of clothes and things that they wanted to bring on our trip that we are going on in a few weeks so I could start setting things aside as I did the laundry.  Dillon immediately started his.  Here is what he handed me:

1. mom ledr buc row
2. sem sot
3. mosrtc
4. lini mcew
5. ge up and go
6. gama
7. paza
8. sep fobol dug oyo caw fowr
9. hare sop
10. hos blaot
11. vicez
12. sidls
13. sos
14. crz
15. bug gos
16. sos
17. secr
18. milce wa

1. Mommy's Little Buckaroo shirt
2. swim suit
3. monster truck shirt
4. Lightning McQueen shirt
5. Get up and go shirt
6. pajamas
7. pants
8. sheep football duck cow flower pillow
9. Harry and Spot
10. horse blanket
11. Vikings shirt
12.  skittles
13. socks
14. cars
15. bug juice
16. shorts
17. snickers
18. milky way

So there you have it!  Dillon's packing list.  Thank goodness he can read his own writing!  This will definately go in the treasure box to keep forever :)