Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

My Mothers day was certainly a day!  I got many wonderful hand made gifts from the children - a bracelet coupons, stories, pictures, cards, etc.  I also got a necklaced that the boys picked out and a huge chocolate bar that I got to share with the kids.  Maddi and Makenna made me a flower corsage out of napkins that I got to wear to church.  Michael didn't have meetings until 8 am so I didn't have to wake up to the alarm.  That was nice.  We got to church without too much excitement.  When we got to church I realied Zeke looke like Alfalfa off the Little Rascals and I had to take him to the bathroom to smooth his hair down.  Maddi's hair was a mess so I had to send her to the car to get a hair band so I could finger comb and braid her hair.  Everyone was supposedly starving before church ever started so the whining began.  I had to take Olivia out of sacrament twice while she screamed and threw a fit.  I had to threaten Makenna with her life if she didn't stop being mean and poopy.  The children sang some lovely songs which I enjoyed.  Primary was just as crazy.  I was the only teacher in there and some of the kids were being quite obnoxious so I had to try to stop them and keep the reverence.  One of these days I am just going to leave too.  All the teachers are supposed to ome into singing and sharing time with their classes.  Unfortunately that doesn't happen and more often than not I am the only one in there.  It's very frustrating to me.  I deal with my own kids during sacrament and then I have my class and I have some very hard children in there to deal with and then I have to go and deal with ALL the kids without much help at all.   Don't get me wrong, I love the kids I work with but some days it is ovewhelming and Sunday was one of those days.  Anyways, after church I was asked to stay after a little bit and help the young women learn a new song.  We went home, had lunch and Michael came home soon after that.  Olivia continued to throw fits.  The kids spent the day fighting with each other.  I didn't get my beloved nap.  I did play a card game with Maddi and talk to my parents on the phone.  Michael made dinner, with Olivia's help.  We  had steaks cooked on the grill and mac&cheese.  For dessert we had cupcakes.  So the day was filled with ups and downs and there was no doubt in my mind when I went to bed last night that I was the mother of 6 children!  Despite the fighting and fits that took place, it was a special day in which the children did try to show they loved me.  Zeke drew a picture of me and him holding hands, Makenna offered to make my sandwich at lunch, there was an "I love you" note on my plate at supper and I got in some extra cuddling.  I love my children and I am thankful for the way they each bless my life.  They are each a special miracle to me and they brng me closer to God and allow me to feel true love and joy.

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