Monday, May 3, 2010

ER Visit

Yesterday morning Olivia woke up with a really runny nose.  It's allergy season.  Last night she started coughing just a little but not bad.  By midnight she was having a really hard time.  She was breathing really hard, had a nasty cough and would have a hard time getting her breath when she coughed.  She would start choking from all the mucus, then she woulds start crying which would make it worse.  She even ended up wetting the bed from coughing.  Around 1 am I got up and gave her a breathing treatment with her albuterol.  She was really warm and it didn't seem to do anything.  I left for the ER just before 2am.  We got admitted straight away.  The doctor came in and checked her.  They had a respitory nurse give her a breathing treatment and then they monitored her for a while.  A little while later the came in to take her to get x-rays.  Luckily she is old enough to stand by herself now so we didn't have to put her into any of those torture contraptions to hold her still.  After that, they gave her a steriod shot in her leg  She did not like that!  Then because she was so flushed and felt so warm they took a rectal temp reading.  She did not like that either!  Then she had a second breathing treatment.  By 4am she was doing better and was ready to go home.  The said she had croup, which I figured.  She will be on steroids fo 5 days.  Hopefully that will take care of things.  If she has a relapse I am to take her back to the ER.   Unfortunately croup is contagious, which I never knew, so the others could get it too.  My younger brother always had croup and we never got it.  Anyways, Olivia was glad to get home, giver her daddy a hug and go to her own bed to go to sleep.  She slept until 9am this morning (and so did I, sort of).  She sounds better and I am hoping it stays that way.  We'll see what the night brings, that's when the attacks happen.  It's so hard to see them so sick and such a relief to have them get better. 


Katie said...

not happy. Glad Michael was home to watch over the other ones. Take a nap!

Spencer and Kimberly said...

I'm glad she's okay! Poor girl!