Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dentisit - again!

Maddi came home from school Tuesday complaining about a tooth hurting.  She has already had two teeth pulled because of abscess, one on each side on the top.  Both teeth pulled were ones that had fillings in them.  When she went in the last time she actually had two teeth that she said hurt but the dentist could only see infection in one so he only pulled one.  Well, now it was the other one that was hurting again.  Her gum was all red, and it hurt to touch.  She had also pulled a tooth on that side so she has all sorts of things going on.  Here is what her left side on top looked like - front tooth (newly grown in), missing tooth (just barely pushed through), 2 teeth, missing tooth, back molar.  Now it looks like this - front tooth, missing tooth, one tooth, 2 missing teeth, back molar.  We call her snaggle tooth.  I guess she had a mixture of things going on.  The tooth previously pulled by the dentist was starting to push through so that was causing eruption pain.  The tooth that was hurting had the permanent tooth pushing on it so that was causing pain.  He pulled the painful tooth to give her some relief and discovered when he did that it also had infection in it.  It is another tooth that already had a filling in it.  Anyways, not sure if any of that makes sense, the point to it all is that she had to have another tooth pulled.  Kind of frustrating.  After my dentist experience, and now all of Maddi's problems I am beginning to think that our previous dentist didn't do too good of a job.  Now it is costing us tons of money to fix the problems.  Oh well, at least they are getting fixed!  Maddi is home this morning waiting for her mouth to get feeling again and then I will take her to school after lunch.  One more story for her to tell!

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

Poor Maddi! That sounds miserable. That does sound like a bad dentist. I hope everything is fixed now.