Thursday, April 15, 2010


Saturday Michael went downstairs to find the carpet all wet in front of the double door.  It stunk really bad and we have spent the last few days cleaning it and trying to dry it out.  I think it is ruined.  It totally stinks.  It was just put in last spring.  This morning I went to the storage room only to discover water all over the floor in there.  Apparently the outlet that the freezer was pluged into had been tripped (?) and consequently he freezer off.  Everything was thawed and lovely freezer juices were all over the floor and anything that was on the floor.  I had to throw everything out.  Unfortunately it was not enough damage to meet the insurance deductable so that won't help us replace anything.  It wasn't tons - maybe $100 worth, but still frustrating.  I cleaned that all up and hopefully we won't have anymore water to be found on any floors in the house!  The freezer seemed to be fine.  It is plugged back in and running.  We'll see what happens now...

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