Thursday, April 8, 2010

Tea Time with Royalty

Our play group this week was a "tea" party.  All the little kids dressed up and we met at the church.  They made crowns with foam stickers, crayons and markers so they could look like princes and princesses.  Then they also got to make fruit loop necklaces (Zeke couldn't be bothered with that and Olivia did it so she could eat the fruit loops). They played for a while and then they had their snack.  They had little juice boxes, little bite sized hotdogs with little cookies and fruit snacks.  That was the part of the party that Zeke liked!  Before they left they each got a sucker that had been turned into a flower- which they promptly destroyed and ate!  It was cute to see them all dressed up, but Zeke is looking forward to next week when he doesn't have to dress up and he can play on the play sets at the Rainbow Play Systems Company!

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