Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Question of the Day

I have started watching a little 4 month old boy on occasion to help out a family from church.  Olivia has been very interested in this little baby and seems to like when he comes over.  However, she's not always sure how he gets to our house.  So the question of the day comes from her. I walked into the kitchen with my purse and she looked at me and asked, "Mom, you got the baby?  The baby in your purse?"

And just so you know, the baby was not in my purse.  He did come over later yesterday and Olivia was very excited to see him.  She was even more excited when I told her she could hold him.  I put him in her lap and a few seconds later he let out a huge burp.  Olivia made the funniest face and started gagging and saying that the baby was stinky and very quickly turned him back over to me.  She wouldn't hold him the rest of the day.  I guess the formula burp was a little too much!

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