Monday, April 26, 2010

Question of the day

Having six little children gives me the opportunity to answer all kinds of questions.  Simple ones like "What's for supper?"  And more difficult ones like "Why do we die?"  Then there are funny ones like, "Did you have so many kids so you wouldn't have to do any work?"  HAHA!!  So I thought I might start sharing some of these questions with you.  Yesterday Zeke had the best question.  He was getting ready for church and came in my room.  He came and stood next to me and with a very serious face asked, "Momma, why do we wear underwear?"  After I was done giggling I told him it was so we wouldn't get poo stains on our pants.  Since he is in the pocess of learng to wipe his own bum that seemed to make perfect sense to him and there were no more questions.

So my question of the day to you is, "Why do we wear underwear?"  And please don't answer that out loud because I really don't want to hear your reasons:)  I just think it's cute to watch the mind of a 4 year old figure out the world around him.

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