Monday, April 19, 2010

A Little One on One

Yesterday I had the privilege of watching Zane and Dillon play a little one on one in football.   It was quite interesting (and a little humorous) to say the least.  Zane had the ball first and ended up turning it over to Dillon after 4 downs and not quite enough yardage.  Dillon got the ball and burned past Zane running it all the way in for a touchdown.  As he came running back out of the end zone he had a big smile on his face and said "Man, I am fast!"  He kicked it to Zane who once again had to hand it over after 4 downs and 4 two hand touches from Dillon.  Dillon got the ball and once again scored.  2 to 0.  Zane got the ball and ended up scoring with Dillon doing the same, making it 3 to 1 in favor of Dillon.  This time he said "Man, I am so good!"  And so went the game.  When it was about 7 to 3 Dillon stated the fact that he was indeed faster than Zane.  Zane started to argue, but it's true.  Dillon is much faster.  I told Zane it was okay, there's always going to be some one faster.  The game finished with a score of 10 to 4.  Dillon was the winner.  Zane surprisingly made it all the way through without any tears (except when he hit his head on a rock).  He came close a few times, but we got the tears stopped before they started.  However, when Dillon made the winning touchdown, the tears came.  He claimed it was his leg hurting that was making him cry.  It wasn't.  He got over it quickly though and came back out to join me and Dillon in another football game, of which I won :)  That one on one game was a huge mileage point for Dillon.  He can finally beat his big brother, which is big stuff for a little boy.  It was also a huge mileage point for Zane.  He finally accepted (at least for the day) that his little brother is faster and that's okay.  I was quite proud of him for taking it as well as he did.  So if anyone is looking for a little competition in a one on one game of football,  Dillon's ready and waiting...

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