Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Girl After My Own Heart

When I was younger, my dream was to be a pro football player.  Being surrounded by four brothers with a younger sister that was too little to play with headed me in that direction I suppose.  I was a part of every backyard football game that we had until the dreadful day when I was about 13.  My mom called me in from a great game and told me that I was too old to be coming into that kind of physical contact with boys.  What ?!?!  No more football.  I now had to sit on the sideline with my friends. All my dreams gone... ;)

Well, now my little Maddi loves football.  She plays at recess with all the boys and at home anytime she can get a game organized.  I love it!  Friday she came home from school all bandaged up.  During one of their games she was running and someone else ran across in front of her and she ended up sliding across the cement on her knee and the backs of her hands.  They are bruised and cut up.  She said she was lucky she had her baseball cap on otherwise her head would have gotten scraped up too (thank goodness for 3rd grade hat day:) ).  Her main brag in all of this is that she didn't even cry.  I must say, I am a proud mamma!  I never cried either.  Of course, it never slowed her dow.  She spent the weekend playing catch with who ever would play with her, riding her bike and skidding on the dirt road, and jumping on the tramp.

When you're a tomboy, wounds are bagging rights.  Scars are great, the more the better.  So here are some pictures of Maddi's trophies from Friday recess...

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Melissa said...

OUCH!! I'm glad she came away from that without much trauma! Good for her for wanting to mix it up with the boys like that!