Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun

Saturday night was pretty exciting for the kids.  The two youger ones didn't really remember much about the Easter Bunny but they were feeding off the excitement of the four older ones who did remember!   I think they were all finally asleep by 11:15pm.  We let them all sleep in the basement.  They love that.  Michael had to get up at 6:15 to go feed calves.  Makenna was awake about the same time and on her way upstairs. I told her no one could come up until Daddy got home.  Shortly after, ALL the kids were awake.  Kenna claims she had nothing to do with it!  Michael got home around 6:45 and the kids came bounding up the stairs.  There were treats all over the table and each had a prize at their spot on the table.  The Easter Bunny had eaten the carrots that the kids got out for him (Kenna's idea) and he had filled the bowl with jelly beans and M&Ms.  He had also taken the picture Kenna had colored for him. Each kid got a shovel, bubbles, sunglasses, flip flops and a new outfit.  We didn't do Easter dresses and such this year, we did shorts and shirts instead.  They also got either a sand pail, watering can or frisbee.  Anyways, they were excited and had a lot of fun trying on their new things and wearing their sunglasses.  The bubbles were all spilt and gone within a few minutes of taking them outside. We also decorated cookies for all the boys at the ranch.  We sent about 8 dozen to them and we still had 3 or 4 dozen left at home.  The kids love the boys here and they love it when we take them treats (and from what I've been told, the boys love it too)!

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

Looks like lots of fun! I love that picture of the boys with their sunglasses. So cute!