Friday, April 30, 2010

Befriending Those In Need

My children ride the bus everyday to school.  They are one of the first ones on and one of the last ones off.  They spend a lot of time on the bus.  It's not always a good experience and they come home with stories at times that make me sad and upset.  It has given us many teaching opportunities over the last year and a half.  Most of the time they are learning from what we tell them.  However, this week, we have learned from them. 

A few months ago, a new family moved in and their three kids ride the bus with our kids.  We don't know the family, but the kids have gotten to know each other.  One is a fifth grade girl and then there is a third grade boy and a second gade boy.  Makenna came home the other day telling me of the mean things that th other kids do to these three on the bus.  They are called names and picked on by all the elementary kids on the bus except for 5.  Four of those kids are mine.  Makenna was very disturbed by it all and didn't know what to do to help the three that were being picked on.  I told her all they could do was to stand up for them and to continue being friends with them. 

Yesterday, Maddi came home and told me that Alex (the girl) was going to call in 30 minutes and come over to play.  I thought, yeah right, but she did!  As Michael and I sat on the porch and watched them play, he said how good it felt to know that our kids had befriended them when they needed it and that this little girl felt comfortable enough to call and come play with them.  What a great example they are!  In a world where judgements can be so harsh and children can be so cruel, they looked past it all and saw some children that needed friends.  They didn't notice the outward appearance, they noticed the person.  I am so thankful for them.  How often do we walk by people and not speak or help because they don't look like "our type"? 

My children have once again shown why the statement made by the Savior is one we should follow, to be as a little child.  To be pure and kind, trusting and gentle, full of the spirit.  I know it is a parents job to teach their children and bring them up in righteousness, but children can teach their parents powerful lessons too, like how to befriend those in need.

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