Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Week

We have had quite the week here.  Monday was fine.  Tuesday morning Michael left for Salt Lake.  He wouldn't be back until Sunday.  Tuesday afternoon I took Zeke and Olivia to the zoo.  They loved it.  It was really nice to be getting out of the house.  Tuesday evening I started feeling really sick.  The later it got the worse I felt.  Maddi and Makenna had church that night so I had to take them, plus one of the other girls from church needed a ride.  She lives about 15 minutes from us, 30 minutes from church.  So it took us 45 minutes to get there and 45 minutes to get home.  Their activity was supposed to be done by 8pm but it went over a little.  While they were there I took the other kids to Walmart to find a filter for the vacuum. No luck and I was still feeling horrible - worried that I may not make it home before things started happening!  We got home a little after 9pm.  The kids hurried got pjs on and picked out clothes for the next day, had some oreos for a treat and off to bed we went.  Zeke slept with me.  I was afraid to go to sleep because of how horrible I was feeling.  Stomach cramps were getting worse, I was up and down to the bathroom, no fun.  Around midnight Zeke started crying because his stomach hurt so bad.  I pulled off the covers and tried to get him to the bathroom to throw up.  No luck.  Pizza and Oreos all over my bed and him!  I got him in the shower, got the sheets off the bed and cleaned the matress, put a towel on the wet spot, got him out of the shower and dressed again and washed out the dirty stuff in the shower.  Then I cleaned and lysoled that, put a new sheet on the bed and went to get him his own blanket (just in case:) While I was getting his blanket for him I kicked my little toe on his wooden barn.  It hurt - really bad!  I wanted to cry, but I went and got an empty ice cream bucket instead for him to throw up in next time.  I couldn't sleep after that because he was so restless.  He threw up again at 2am, then 3:45 am and finally at 5:30 am.  By 6am we were both asleep.  6:30 the alram went off.  6:35 the phone rang.  Not a good start to the day.  I still felt horrible.  When the kids got up for school Maddi and Dillon informed me that they didn't feel well either.  Shortly there after Dillon went to the bathroom and threw up.  Zane and Makenna went to school.  Michael called and I told him of our lovely night.  When Olivia woke up I left all the kids with Maddi and ran to the store to get sprite.  There I was with some sweat pants one size too small, hair not combed, huge dark circles uner my eyes and a cart full of sprite!  Dillon threw up again while I was gone.  Then again later that morning.  I took a little nap in the morning while the kids watched TV.  That afternoon Dillon threw up all over the stairs.  It was horrible!  I cleaned it, lysoled it, started more laundry and made everyone take a nap.  Poor little Olivia was bored out of her head. She was the only one not sick.  She stayed up singing and dancing while we all slept.  That evening every one felt good enough to have crackers and applesauce.  I was supposed to babysit the next day but got out of it.  Thank goodness!  We made it through the night without any problems (or so I thought).  When I got up to make sure the girls were awake Makenna met me at the bottom of the stairs.  She informed me that she had thrown up in her bed at 11pm so she went to sleep on the daybed.  Then she threw up on the daybed so she went to sleep on the couch.  I asked her why she didn't come tell me and she said she didn't want to wake me.  Very sweet and thoughful, but...Her bed was covered!  There was drying puke everywhere!  I got it all over me while trying to get her bedding off and clean up everywhere (railings, floor, etc.)  I put it all in the laundry room floor, stripped off my pukey clothes and went upstairs to get the other kids ready for school.  Maddi and Zane went to school, Dillon and Makenna stayed home.  Makenna took and bath while I was getting them ready.  When she got out I brought all the nastiness upstairs to clean out in the tub  It was "agusting" as Olivia would say.  The bathtub started getting clogged from all the chunks so I had to start scooping it out with my hands and putting it in the toilet.   Once again, I cleaned and lysoled the bathroom.  As I was finishing Michael called, so I again told him of our lovely morning.  Then I went and showered.  I felt so gross!  The shower helped.  Later that mornin I ended up kicking my little toe again!  It hurt so bad!  I thought it was bad the first time, it's much worse the second time!  We made it through the day with no more thowing up.  Friday I was able to send everyone to school!  Zeke and I were feeling much better so we went to the store and the post office just to get out and get some fresh air.  Then I gave them a wagon ride while I went to check the mail.  By the afternoon I was feeling sick again so I layed down while they watched TV.  When the kids got home from school they decided they would do their chores so we could go eat supper at IHOP  They did a very good job so I took them.  Then we came home and watched Bedtime Stories and had ice cream cones.  Olivia got tired and went to bed, Dillon slept with me and the others slept down in the basement.  Anyways, that was my week!  Michael picked a good one to go out of town!  So far Olivia hasn't been hit with it.  I hope she won't.  It's horrible and very painful!  I'm hoping today will be a good day and that the rain won't come and maybe we can all go to the zoo!  And, in case you were wondering, my little toe is still sore but I can walk without a limp (shoes still hurt but the weather is in the 30's so I can wear flip flops)!


Melissa said...

I think I might throw up after reading that! You all survived though, hooray! I hope your toe feels better too!

Natalee said...

That sounds beyond horrific and yes truly "agusting"! You are one brave woman! I think I would have 1cried for SURE the first time I stubbed my toe, and 2 run out of the house screaming after about the 2nd bed cleaning incident! Glad you are all feeling better! :)