Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Little Olympian

The kindergarteners at Tri-Valley held their own olympics last week.  They started off with a flag ceremony Monday.  Each child had to make their own flag.  It had to have their favorite color and shape.  It also had to have their favorite thing and some how they had to incorporate their name or initials into it.  Dillon had a green flag with red circles.  Inside the circles he had pictures of buffalo and cowboys.  His name was Flying D bar C Ranch.  On the bottom of the flag he put brown fringe to look like leather.  He was quite proud of it.  Tuesday their first event was counting to 100.  He got a gold medal in that.  Wednesday he had to say his phone number and  address.  He got 2 silvers for that.  Thursday he had to tie his shoes and read some frequency words.  He got gold in shoe tying and bronze in reading.  Friday was the medal ceremony. He was home sick that day but Zane brought his medals home to him.  He was so proud.  We had to get a picture of him with all his medals just like the olympic athletes.  They are now in his treasure box to be kept safe forever!

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Melissa said...

How fun for the kids! We all love the Olympics over here!