Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just an update from my last blog.  My mom was released from the hospital.. They determined that she did not have a stroke, it as just her body reacting to extremely high blood sugar levels.  All her tests came back normal so there was no damage done.  She does, however, have to start insulin shots.  She has made it 6 years without having to do that by controlling her diet and exercising.  Now that no longer works so she has to move on to insulin.  She doesn't like the idea but if it will keep her going then she will be okay with it.  I am so glad that she is okay.  My mom is some one who I share everything with (well, most everything). We have become really good friends over the years and I cherish the relationship I have with her.  I love our phone conversations and their once a year visits.  I can't imagine not having her to call.  In fact, this morning I called to check on her and 2 hours later I was just hanging up the phone!  Anyways, I am glad she is back home and hopefully once they get the insulin going and her body regulates she will have no more problems.

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