Monday, March 1, 2010

Michael's New Suit

Now that Michael is in the bishopric he gets the privilage of wearing a suit to church every Sunday.  Well, Michael has never owned a suit.  At one point he had a suit coat that I found at a thrift store.  He wore that for a short time and then decided he was not a suit kind of guy.  He moved on to wearing his shirt and tie with his vests.  It looked very nice, he has to put them aside and put a suit on.  Well, my oldest brother, knowing Michael didn't own a suit, called Men's Warehouse and ordered him a very nice navy blue one (it brings out his hair and eyes).  Yesterday was his first day to wear it.  He got all kinds of comments and friendly teasing at church and he survived a whole day in it (and I mean "whole". He had meetings from 6:45 am to 3pm and then more from 6pm to 8pm)!  When he got home I took pictures of him so we could send them out.  He hates pictures but he went along with the torture.  After all, he'd been in a suit for hours, what was 5 more minutes in front of a camera?  He did request one special picture for Sam, my brother who bought the suit.  He found his nastiest, dirtiest, most lop-sided black felt hat with Zane's bolo tie and posed.  I'm sure it brought a smile to Sam's face like it did to Michael's.  I personally think he looks very handsome in his new suit!  Thank you Sam for the gift and Grandma-Great for the tie to go along with it!