Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Bunny Story

Easter is almost here so we have started our rouds of telling the Easter Bunny story and making our Easter Bunny car treats.  We did it yesterday for playgroup and I wil start going to the school next week and doing it in the classrooms for my kids.  It is another fun tradition that we have started that the kids look forward to every year and eve though they already know the story, they still get excited to hear it.  I, of course, love being able to do it with them.  I will be sad when they outgrow all of these things that we do.  Anyways, I am going to post the story and our pictures from yesterday.

On a calm, quiet night in the early spring, the Easter Bunny comes with treats to bring.
He goes to each house and leaves goodies galore and if you’ve been good, he leaves a few more!
How does one little Bunny hop so far in one night? How does one little Bunny accomplish this plight?
Can he hop that far without even stopping? Does he hop and hop and then keep on hopping?
I’ll tell you a secret that you must never repeat. I’ll tell you how the Easter Bunny brings you treats.
You know Santa has reindeer that fly through the air and the tooth fairy has wings that take her here and there.
Well, the Easter Bunny has something too. The Easter Bunny has something new.
It’s small and it’s fast and it looks pretty cool. He can take it to work he can take it to school.
But most important it can take him and his basket of eggs to your house without any sore muscles or legs!
Can you guess what this is that can take him so far? You bet! The Easter Bunny has a new car!
It’s not like the ones that you and I see. It’s got to be extra special for the Easter Bunny.
Instead of metal and rubber and all that stuff it’s made of chocolate and candy and marshmallow fluff.
The wheels are round candies that are so sweet to eat. If one falls off, you just add a new treat.
The seat that he sits on is not a bore. It’s soft and it’s chocolate. Do you want to hear more?
The headlights are chocolates of all different hues, some pink, some green, and some light blue.
The steering wheel is also good to the tasting. It looks like a lifesaver with a horn of white frosting.
It’s all so delicious and seems too good to be true, but the Easter Bunny told me. I believe him. Do you?

For the treat get a Little Debbie snack roll.  That is the cars body.  Using vanilla frosting attach four mini vanilla wafers for wheels, two M&Ms for headlights, a life saver for the steering wheel and a marshmallow bunny peep on top for the bunny.  Kids love it!

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