Monday, March 29, 2010

Early Morning Conversations

Olivia:  I'm hungry.  We hvae chips?
Me:  No you can't have chips.
Olivia:  We have cheeseballs?
Me:  No, no cheeseballs.
Olivia:  We have chocolate?
Me:  No chocolate.
Olivia:  Why not?  I hungry!
Me:  Then you need to eat breakfast.
Olivia:  I not want breakfast.  I have lunch yet?
Me:  No.
Olivia:  How come?
Me:  Because it's breakfast time.
Olivia:  But I can't reach it.
Me:  Reach what?
Olivia:  The butter!
Me: What?  Why do you need to reach the butter?  We don't have butter for breakfast!
Olivia:  I want butter for breakfast!
Zeke:  What a silly thing she said!

I love mornings!

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