Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life's Moments

Today my heart is over flowing with emotion.  I'm not sure I should even write about it but I have to in order to sort through all that I am feeling.  Writing is therapy for me.  This morning I got a call from Michael's mom telling me that his aunt had been life flighted to Boise last night.  I guess she had been sick for awhile and finally went to the doctor.  He diagnosed her with bronchitis and gave her some antibiotics and cough syrup with codene.  She came home and took the medicine and never woke back up.  Her family called 911 and she was rushd to the hospital.  She had to have breathing tubes put in and they discovered that she has bacterial meningitis.  They then sent her on to Boise.  She still is not responsive and only time will tell the outcome.  This is a person that I love with all my heart.  She is kind and loving and has always accepted me as part of the family.  I have spent many hours with her and had many wonderful conversations.  My heart breaks for her mother, husband and children as they wait this out.  Of course, the whole family is upset and praying for her.  All day I have wandered the house thinking of her and thinking about how quickly life can change.  It only takes a minute and life can be turned upside down.  I have felt this before in other areas of life.  I have spent the day thinking about what is really important.  Telling my family I love them, reading stories to my children, kissing my husband before he goes to work, tucking my children in to bed at night.  So much of the time, life can get busy and all these little things can be pushed aside.  We never know when the opportunity to do these things will be taken from us.  I have also thought about the Savior.  How lost would I be without my knowledge of Him?  How hard would it be if I didn't know that what I was doing or trying to do was going to last beyond this life?  I am so grateful for the knowledge that Jesus Christ is my Savior, that we will live again and that my family can be together forever.  I doesn't take away the pain and sorrow that we feel here in this life, but it gives hope for the eternities.  It gives brightness to an otherwise dreary ordeal.  The fact that Jesus suffered for our sins and that He felt all of our pains, sorrows, and frustrations gives me strength and hope.  I know that I can turn to Him, that He knows me and he knows what I am going through.  Life would be so much harder without that knowledge.  Life's moments can take us by surprise and throw our plans into chaos, but we can always find strength through the Savior.  We can be grounded through our testimony of Him and as life throws it's storms of fury at us, we can stay strong and true and ride out the storms with our hand in His.

To all my friends and family, I love you.  I love your examples, I love the strength that you give me and the joy that you bring into my life. 

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sad news. I hope you are able to find peace along with her family.