Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lazy Afternoon

Yes, it is almost 3:30 and I still have not gotten dressed.  It's one of those lazy days.  I made cookies this morning with Zeke and Olivia and lifted weights.  I also made a pink puppy out of playdough and talked to my sister on the phone.  I had intentions of walking on my treadmill but caught up working with some old pictures on the computer - cropping, restoring, and printing.  Then I made lunch for the kids and worked on a project for my oldest sister's 40th birthday.  She died 38 years ago and each year I try to do something for my parents in memory of her.  This years project is bigger than other years so I spent several hours working on that.   I also got the chicken ready and marinating in the fridge, did the dishes and some laundry. Now the kids will be home from school soon and the rest of the day will be a whirlwind of activities.  Anyways, I don't have lazy days very often so it was nice, but now that the day is almost over I feel like I need to rush around and do stuff.  Oh well, it will give me something to do tomorrow:)  Zeke and Olivia also enjoyed the day.  After making cookies, they played with playdough and then watched Dora.  I even let them eat lunch in the living room today.  They love that!  They enjoy lazy days too and being able to stay home and do whatever they want.  I guess days like today are good for everyone every now and then!

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