Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today would be my grandpa's 91st birthday.  He died almost a year ago.  I still miss him.  He was a great man whom I loved dearly.  I wrote this a little before he died.  I never got to see him before his death and I wasn't able to go to his funeral. It still makes me sad.  But he will always be in my heart and a part of my life.

Once tall and strong, active and energetic
Now frail and thin, tired and sick
His past, a long life full of family and work
Good habits, church going, honest and true
Always happy to see you with a hug and kind word
His greetings, now given from his easy chair,
Are still just as sincere and heart felt.
His family is saddened by his weakened state
He is at peace, his journey coming to a close
He did the best that he could with what he had
He’s now ready to go and let us continue on
Down the path that he started so very long ago
Though he will soon be gone and leave this earth
His legacy will live on in our hearts and minds.

Though being sick for quite awhile, he didn't leave this life until he knew that my grandma was taken care of. She has dementia and she needed him with her.  Once he knew she was going to be okay with out him, it didn't take him long to leave this earth.  A truly great man to the end.  He took care of her even though he was suffering from cancer.  What a great example to me of true love.

Her hair is now gray, her face wrinkled with time.
Her balance has lessened, but her smile is still strong.
A once strong, vibrant person has faded with age
Once full of stories, experiences and memories,
Now only knows the one who sits with her.
Day after day he helps her go through
The daily routines that she needs to do.
He stays by her side so she won’t feel lost
Though feeble himself, he stays strong for her.
With each passing day, her memories fade
Her children, once cherished, now fade with her mind
Who comes and who goes she cannot say
But with him by her side she gets through the day.
Their love has grown strong over many years together
So together they climb through one last struggle.
One fully aware of all that goes on
The other only aware of when he is gone.
This act of true love is a legacy for all
For to love through the hard times and not just the good
Is simple and beautiful and completely pure.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!  I love you!

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