Thursday, February 4, 2010


Over the last few weeks  have been taking the kids to the dentist for their checkups.  Maddi and Makennawent first and had no problems. Then Zeke and Oliva went an tey were good to.  Yesteday I took Zane and Dillon.  Zane was good.  Dillon however, had six cvaties.  Six!  I couldn't believe it!  Besidesbeing slightly embarrassed by that number I was shocked!  He has three on each side.  Two of his teeth have a cavaty on the front and the back of the tooth so he has to put caps on them.  He may have to have a baby root canal too.  The dentist asked me if he eats more sweets or drinks more juice than the others.  He doesn't.  His diet is the same and so are his brushing habits.  Apparently his teeth are really close together and there is absolutely no space between them, especially in the back.  He said that would be a problem when his adult teeth started coming in because there won't be room for them.  Right now it is a problem because he will be more prone to cavaties.  The dentist told me to floss and do mouth wash with Dillon.  We went straight to the store afterwards to get the needed supplies.  Everything needs to have flouride too.  I was helping him floss last night and his teeth are close together.  I couldn't get the floss through some of the teeth!  Even his two front teeth are tight.  Anyways, we are off to the dentist again this afternoon.  They'll do one side today and then in March they will do the other side.  Not fun. Unfortunately I have to drag poor Zeke and Olivia along too.  They are really good sports about it but I feel bad.  It makes for long, boring days for them.

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Katie said...

try dipping his toothbrush in the mouthwash and brushing the gums at a 45degree angle with that. It gets things much cleaner and is easier for little people than swishing. poor dillon. hope it goes quickly and he feels better soon.