Thursday, February 11, 2010


You know, growing up with four brothers was certainly an adventure.  My younger sister was young enough that we didn't play together so I spent my childhood doing whatever my brothers were doing.  I learned a lot of things some important and good, some not so much.  I was always amazed when I would have girls tell me how cool or cute or whatever my brothers were.  I had many "friends" because they thought my brothers were cute.  If only they could see them behind the scenes!   There was a lot of wrestling. competition, teasing, fighting, burping, eating, sarcasm, and other exciting stuff.  Even now with them all grown and being fathers they are still the same.  When they get together there is still the competition, wrestling, eating, fighting, teasing, etc.  The oldest brother gets thrown in the pool fully clothed (minus the phone, watch and leather boots) by the younger brothers, the youngest brother still is affectionately called by his childhood nickname...It's all the same, they are just bigger, older and sometimes louder!  Occasionally though, I get to see another side of them.  Just recently I have gotten to see that other side by my two younger brothers.  I was amazed, humbled, and very blessed to see that side.  They can be serious, spiritual and soft, despite their usual appearance:)  Anyways I am so glad to see this side of them every now and then.  As a sister, I have always been proud of my four brothers.  Despite all the obnoxious noises that they produce, I always thought they were cool (never tell them that) and I always looked up to them - even the younger ones.  Adding to that love and admiration is this other side that peaks through.  It strengthens me and adds to my admiration of them.

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Melissa said...

How sweet! I hope my Emma can feel that way about her brothers one day too :)