Friday, February 26, 2010

Look a Little Deeper

This may be totally inappropriate to write about but I'm going to anyways because it frustrates me.  No, I am not talking about myself either (on either end of the spectrum).  Have you ever sat and watched people?  I love to watch people and see what makes them work. It is so interesting, but there is something that has been bothering me for quite awhile so I'm going to write about it.  There is always someone who is in the spotlight.  Someone that eveyone claims they want to be like.  Someone who everyone thinks is beautiful and talented and completely amazing.  They have the hair and the clothes and the body. Then there are others.  Others that ARE competely amazing and ones that everyone SHOULD want to be like and they go completely unnoticed.  The one in the spotlight loves it there and even when it's not about them - it usually ends up being about them.  They do kind things for others but a lot of times it is so they can once again be told how wonderful they are.  They pick and choose who to do things for dependant upon the recognition they will receive.  Then I watch as they are praised and held up as an example for us all.  But over on the sidelines are the real beautiful people who try to do what is right because that is what is asked of them.  They quietly serve because they love others.  They are kind and thoughtful and good.  Yet they are passed by in the group.  To me, they are the beautiful ones. They may not be the super model like the one in the spotlight, but they are so completely amazing.  They are the ones that we should all want to be like.  I think you all know what I am talking about.  It happens everywhere, not just in lovely South Dakota.  I always wonder how these on the sidelines keep going. Not that they want the recogition or praise, but to see it all go to someone who is not "all that and a bag of chips"...I don't know. I guess it is part of why they are so good.  They don't need the spotlight.  But in my own little mind and way of seeing life, I think they need it.  I know some of these people.  I am friends with some of these people and some of them read this blog.  So to you (and deep down past your modesty I think you know who you are, even though you will never admit it) I want to thank you.  Thank you for your friendship.  Thank you for your examples.  Thank you for quietly serving and living the way you do so that people like me can sit and watch and learn.  You are amazing.  And whether you look like a super model with the hair and the clothes and the body or like a tired mother who has spent the day taking care of her family - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  That means you!  I love you and I am so blessed to be able to "watch" you.  And while most people are oogling over the person in the spotlight, I am watching you on the sidelines and hoping someday to be like you.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prain Pracks

I know why prain pracks (train tracks) are called prain pracks.  Because they are pracks and prains go on them.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today would be my grandpa's 91st birthday.  He died almost a year ago.  I still miss him.  He was a great man whom I loved dearly.  I wrote this a little before he died.  I never got to see him before his death and I wasn't able to go to his funeral. It still makes me sad.  But he will always be in my heart and a part of my life.

Once tall and strong, active and energetic
Now frail and thin, tired and sick
His past, a long life full of family and work
Good habits, church going, honest and true
Always happy to see you with a hug and kind word
His greetings, now given from his easy chair,
Are still just as sincere and heart felt.
His family is saddened by his weakened state
He is at peace, his journey coming to a close
He did the best that he could with what he had
He’s now ready to go and let us continue on
Down the path that he started so very long ago
Though he will soon be gone and leave this earth
His legacy will live on in our hearts and minds.

Though being sick for quite awhile, he didn't leave this life until he knew that my grandma was taken care of. She has dementia and she needed him with her.  Once he knew she was going to be okay with out him, it didn't take him long to leave this earth.  A truly great man to the end.  He took care of her even though he was suffering from cancer.  What a great example to me of true love.

Her hair is now gray, her face wrinkled with time.
Her balance has lessened, but her smile is still strong.
A once strong, vibrant person has faded with age
Once full of stories, experiences and memories,
Now only knows the one who sits with her.
Day after day he helps her go through
The daily routines that she needs to do.
He stays by her side so she won’t feel lost
Though feeble himself, he stays strong for her.
With each passing day, her memories fade
Her children, once cherished, now fade with her mind
Who comes and who goes she cannot say
But with him by her side she gets through the day.
Their love has grown strong over many years together
So together they climb through one last struggle.
One fully aware of all that goes on
The other only aware of when he is gone.
This act of true love is a legacy for all
For to love through the hard times and not just the good
Is simple and beautiful and completely pure.

Happy Birthday Grandpa!  I love you!

Lil' Stangs

Maddi and Makenna were part of he Lil' Stangs cheer camp for  the boys basketball cheerleaders.  We are the mustangs (in case you were wondering where Lil' Stangs came from).  They had lots of fun.  They learned 2 cheers and a dance that went to Hannah Montana's Ice Cream Freeze.  We had to watch them perform from the back because they faced the high schoolers when they performed.  They did a good job and now go around dancing and singing Hannah Montana.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Last night Olivia woke me up around 1:30 am.  After that I couldn't get back to sleep.  My mind started racing and thoughts were swirling around so around 2:30 I got up.  I wrote this about my granny.  She has dementia.  It came on slowly.  At first it was little things she would forget.  Then she started forgetting people and other things.  First she forgot her grandchildren and then her children.  I'mnot sure she ever forgot who grandoa was but she never remebered him coming to see her.  As soon as he walked out of the nursing home, she had forgotten he had been there.  Despite her lack of memory she was always friendly and very accepting.  She didn't care who you were, as lond as you were nice, she liked you.  It has been several years since I have gotten to see her but she is always on my mind.  This is what I wrote last night.  It shows the progression of her illness by the greetings that she gives.  These are things she has actually said to me and has been a sign to me of where she was with her health.

"Hey, I know you! How are you, child?" She'd say with a smile and a wink.
Then only like a grandma can she'd hug me tight and kiss my cheek.
Those words were music to my ears. They filled my heart with gladness.
But years passed by and took their toll, her memory clouded by illness.
"I don't know who all y'all are, but I know that you belong!" She'd say with a smile and a wink.
Then only like a grandma can, she'd hug me tight and kiss my cheek.
Those words would bring a smile to my face, but filled my heart with sadness.
More years passed by and her memory continued to fade like a sunset to darkness.
"Now who are you? I think you're neat," she's say with a smile and a wink.
Then only like my grandma can, she'd hug me tight and kiss my cheek.
And I'd smile back and kiss her too with sadness still filling my heart,
But looking forward to the time when illness no longer can keep us apart.

Olivia's hair

I found this idea on Annie's Feathered Nest.  I thought I was so cute so I tried it on Olivia this morning.  I need different hair bands but I think it turned out really cute.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Life's Moments

Today my heart is over flowing with emotion.  I'm not sure I should even write about it but I have to in order to sort through all that I am feeling.  Writing is therapy for me.  This morning I got a call from Michael's mom telling me that his aunt had been life flighted to Boise last night.  I guess she had been sick for awhile and finally went to the doctor.  He diagnosed her with bronchitis and gave her some antibiotics and cough syrup with codene.  She came home and took the medicine and never woke back up.  Her family called 911 and she was rushd to the hospital.  She had to have breathing tubes put in and they discovered that she has bacterial meningitis.  They then sent her on to Boise.  She still is not responsive and only time will tell the outcome.  This is a person that I love with all my heart.  She is kind and loving and has always accepted me as part of the family.  I have spent many hours with her and had many wonderful conversations.  My heart breaks for her mother, husband and children as they wait this out.  Of course, the whole family is upset and praying for her.  All day I have wandered the house thinking of her and thinking about how quickly life can change.  It only takes a minute and life can be turned upside down.  I have felt this before in other areas of life.  I have spent the day thinking about what is really important.  Telling my family I love them, reading stories to my children, kissing my husband before he goes to work, tucking my children in to bed at night.  So much of the time, life can get busy and all these little things can be pushed aside.  We never know when the opportunity to do these things will be taken from us.  I have also thought about the Savior.  How lost would I be without my knowledge of Him?  How hard would it be if I didn't know that what I was doing or trying to do was going to last beyond this life?  I am so grateful for the knowledge that Jesus Christ is my Savior, that we will live again and that my family can be together forever.  I doesn't take away the pain and sorrow that we feel here in this life, but it gives hope for the eternities.  It gives brightness to an otherwise dreary ordeal.  The fact that Jesus suffered for our sins and that He felt all of our pains, sorrows, and frustrations gives me strength and hope.  I know that I can turn to Him, that He knows me and he knows what I am going through.  Life would be so much harder without that knowledge.  Life's moments can take us by surprise and throw our plans into chaos, but we can always find strength through the Savior.  We can be grounded through our testimony of Him and as life throws it's storms of fury at us, we can stay strong and true and ride out the storms with our hand in His.

To all my friends and family, I love you.  I love your examples, I love the strength that you give me and the joy that you bring into my life. 

Super Princess

Olivia received an early birthday present today from her Auntie Stace and Uncle John.  She was so excited!  She had Zeke help her open the pretty pink wrapping paper and pull out a new pink cape.  It is so cute!  It is covered with sparkles and glitter and it has an "O" on the back.  She put it on with her pink leotard and went running through the house yelling at us to watch her go "so really faster."  Zeke of course had to put his on too and I'm sure they will spend the day being really fast super heroes that ocassionally stop to watch Dora or Max and Ruby!

My highlights

I ha some requests for pictures of my new 3 hour highlights.  Here are a few.  They aren't great, but they're the best I could come up with.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Calling

Today was a big day in our family.  Michael was called to be the 1st counselor in the new bishopric.  Today was the first day he got to it up front.  For the next five or so years, he will be sitting up there and watching us in the congregation.  It was a specal day for us.  Despite the bad roads, the Feslers were able to come and share in all the events that took place today.  They have been our family away from home and we have grown to love them over the years.  We were so glad they could come.  After church we had a meeting with the new bishop and his family and our family along with the stake presidency and the Feslers.  It was a wonderful meeting and there were wonderful blessings given.  Anyways, I am proud of Michael and all that he is and of his willingness to serve the Lord and the people of the church here.  There will be hard moments and frustrations that come, but I know in the long run it will be a tremendous blessing to our family. 

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Who Can Count to Eight?

I'm just wondering if it is a requirement for car salesmen to NOT be able to count?!  How hard is it to count to eight?  Olivia can do it and she is 2!  We have been looking at getting a new car because our van is quickly going dowhill.  We tell them it has to seat  8 - we have 6 kids. Oh yeah, yeah, it seats 8.  No that only seats 7.  Well this one seats 8.  No that only seats 5.  How many kids have to be in the third seat?  Well, unless there is room for 4 in the middle seat there has to be room for 3 in each row.  Oh, this only seats 2 in the back seat.  It won't work then.  After telling us about all their cars that DON'T seat 8 they finally say, "we don't have any that seat 8 here."  Ya think!  So frustrating.  Michael is now requesting pictures of them buckled into all 8 seatbelts before we go to look at the car.  I mean, really...

Thursday, February 11, 2010


You know, growing up with four brothers was certainly an adventure.  My younger sister was young enough that we didn't play together so I spent my childhood doing whatever my brothers were doing.  I learned a lot of things some important and good, some not so much.  I was always amazed when I would have girls tell me how cool or cute or whatever my brothers were.  I had many "friends" because they thought my brothers were cute.  If only they could see them behind the scenes!   There was a lot of wrestling. competition, teasing, fighting, burping, eating, sarcasm, and other exciting stuff.  Even now with them all grown and being fathers they are still the same.  When they get together there is still the competition, wrestling, eating, fighting, teasing, etc.  The oldest brother gets thrown in the pool fully clothed (minus the phone, watch and leather boots) by the younger brothers, the youngest brother still is affectionately called by his childhood nickname...It's all the same, they are just bigger, older and sometimes louder!  Occasionally though, I get to see another side of them.  Just recently I have gotten to see that other side by my two younger brothers.  I was amazed, humbled, and very blessed to see that side.  They can be serious, spiritual and soft, despite their usual appearance:)  Anyways I am so glad to see this side of them every now and then.  As a sister, I have always been proud of my four brothers.  Despite all the obnoxious noises that they produce, I always thought they were cool (never tell them that) and I always looked up to them - even the younger ones.  Adding to that love and admiration is this other side that peaks through.  It strengthens me and adds to my admiration of them.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lazy Afternoon

Yes, it is almost 3:30 and I still have not gotten dressed.  It's one of those lazy days.  I made cookies this morning with Zeke and Olivia and lifted weights.  I also made a pink puppy out of playdough and talked to my sister on the phone.  I had intentions of walking on my treadmill but caught up working with some old pictures on the computer - cropping, restoring, and printing.  Then I made lunch for the kids and worked on a project for my oldest sister's 40th birthday.  She died 38 years ago and each year I try to do something for my parents in memory of her.  This years project is bigger than other years so I spent several hours working on that.   I also got the chicken ready and marinating in the fridge, did the dishes and some laundry. Now the kids will be home from school soon and the rest of the day will be a whirlwind of activities.  Anyways, I don't have lazy days very often so it was nice, but now that the day is almost over I feel like I need to rush around and do stuff.  Oh well, it will give me something to do tomorrow:)  Zeke and Olivia also enjoyed the day.  After making cookies, they played with playdough and then watched Dora.  I even let them eat lunch in the living room today.  They love that!  They enjoy lazy days too and being able to stay home and do whatever they want.  I guess days like today are good for everyone every now and then!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hammerhead Sharks

I know why they're called hammehead sharks.  Because their heads are hammers and they're sharks!

Oh, the wisdom of a 4 year old!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Three hour highlights

Last night I went to one of the beauty schools here in town and got my hair highlighted.  It is the first time since I moved back to South Dakota that I have had highlights.  Anyways, I got a very friendly stylist and she did a very good job.  One of the things that I enjoy about going to the beauty school (besides the price) is the fact that it takes SO long to get your hair done!  It takes 3 hours to get highlights.  I love it because I get to sit in the chair and do absolutely nothing! And I get to do it for3 hours!  I didn't have to feed the kids.  They had leftovers that Michael fixed for them.  I didn't have to deal with chore time, homework time, or anything else.  I got a great scalp massage and a new hairdo.  It was great!  When I got home, since the chores were done, I played Don't Eat Pete with the kids and put them to bed.  Then I got a nice big bowl of popcorn and a Diet Dr. Pepper for supper and ate it quietly on the couch with no little beggars gathering around.  It was lovely.  Don't get me wrong, I love my children and I love having popcorn nights with them and everything else that we do, but it was nice to have a break too.  It has been a long winter with a lot of time trapped in the house and a lot going on with the kids.  It was a much needed break for me.  I LOVE three hour highlights:)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Over the last few weeks  have been taking the kids to the dentist for their checkups.  Maddi and Makennawent first and had no problems. Then Zeke and Oliva went an tey were good to.  Yesteday I took Zane and Dillon.  Zane was good.  Dillon however, had six cvaties.  Six!  I couldn't believe it!  Besidesbeing slightly embarrassed by that number I was shocked!  He has three on each side.  Two of his teeth have a cavaty on the front and the back of the tooth so he has to put caps on them.  He may have to have a baby root canal too.  The dentist asked me if he eats more sweets or drinks more juice than the others.  He doesn't.  His diet is the same and so are his brushing habits.  Apparently his teeth are really close together and there is absolutely no space between them, especially in the back.  He said that would be a problem when his adult teeth started coming in because there won't be room for them.  Right now it is a problem because he will be more prone to cavaties.  The dentist told me to floss and do mouth wash with Dillon.  We went straight to the store afterwards to get the needed supplies.  Everything needs to have flouride too.  I was helping him floss last night and his teeth are close together.  I couldn't get the floss through some of the teeth!  Even his two front teeth are tight.  Anyways, we are off to the dentist again this afternoon.  They'll do one side today and then in March they will do the other side.  Not fun. Unfortunately I have to drag poor Zeke and Olivia along too.  They are really good sports about it but I feel bad.  It makes for long, boring days for them.

Monday, February 1, 2010

What kind of people should we be?

In General Conference in April of 2001, Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley said, "Let us be good people.  Let us be friendly people.  Let us be neighborly people.  Let us be what members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ought to be." 

As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints we are taught to be faithful, obedient to the teachings of Christ, good examples to those around us and to be full of charity which is the pure love of Christ.  Christ taught through words and example.  He taught us to serve others, to be kind, compassionate, caring, understanding, humble and full of charity.  Christ loved others out of purity not out of what they could offer Him or how they could better His life. He loved them for who they were and who they had the potential to become.  We are all sons and daughters of our Father in Heaven.  We are all created in His image.  We all have the potential to return to Him one day and be like Him.  If we treat each other with the attitude that we are brothers and sisters with divine potential, how much better would this world be? I love this quote from Pres. Hinckley because it is so simple.  He doesn't tell us to go out and do huge things.  We just need to be good and follow the teachings of Jesus.  We are blessed to have those teachings and to have the example of the Savior to guide us in this life.  We are blessed with the knowledge of who we are, where we came from, and what our purpose here is.  How wonderful to have that kind of knowledge in a world with so much uncertainty!  How wonderful to be able to teach my children this so that they have a strong foundation and the ability to turn to their faith to get them through all that life will throw at them!

So what kind of people should we be?  John 13:15 "For I have given unto you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you." And in 3 Nephi 27:21 "...for that which ye have seen me de even that shall ye do"
We should be like the Savior; humble, meek, submissive, full of love.  We should be good people, good friends, good neighbors.