Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pride in my children

We spent the morning today going through our clothes and toys and trying to organize things a little more.  One of the reasons we did this is because we heard of a family in Yankton that needed some help.  It is a single mom with 2 little children.  She had to have surgery on both of her wrists and as a result they didn't really get much of a Christmas.  In fact they don't have much of anything at all we are told.  She tried to get a loan from the bank to help them get by but wasn't able to.  Anyways, we talked to the kids about it and they went through their stuff. The boys found race cars and tracks for the little boy and the girls found a doll and some stuffed animals for the girl.  Dillon picked out one is his pairs of shoes to give to the little boy and we went through all the clothes finding things that they didn't wear that they could give to this family.  As a result of it all, we came up with a huge black garbage sack plus a smaller one full of stuff for them.  They each gave something and I was so proud to see their eagerness and willingess to give.  It made me feel so good.  It is another testimony that children are filled with the light of Christ.  There is a reason why Christ called the little chidren to Him while He was on earth and why we are told to be like a little child.  There is nothing on earth so precious and today I am so proud of mine:)


Melissa said...

That is absolutely wonderful, that your kids were able to give, and to know WHY they were giving!

Monica said...

How neat! You have good kids, because you are great example. Not just to them, but to everyone!

Spencer and Kimberly said...

What great kids!