Thursday, January 21, 2010

Floaties in the Bathtub

Poor little Olivia has had diarrhea all day.  She has done a very good job of not having any accidents despite her frequent need to go to the bathroom.  During lunch she fnally had one and was quite upset about it.  It got her sundress dirty (yes, she is wearing a sundress even with the looming ice and snow storm) ran down her legs and into her sandals (they went with the dress, what can I say?).  Well, I got her a bubble bath and put her in only a few minutes later for her to get out to go to the bathroom again.  When she was done I put her back in and she asked to have her hair washed.  While rinsing her hair, I noticed that under the bubbles were very suspicious looking floaties.  Yuck!  I stood her up, pulled the plug and turned on the shower.  She started crying but I had to hold her under there to make sure we washed all the "floaties" out of her hair and off of the rest of her.  Poor little thing.  It didn't seem to dampen her mood though.  She went and put on some brightly colored striped shorts with a cute little shirt with bright flowers on it (it actually matches) and now she is playing with the boys.  I got the lucky job of cleaning the underwear, sandals, bathtub and bath toys!


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Katie said...

That is the WORST!!!! There are so many other messes I would rather clean up. I am sorry. Hope her tummy feels better soon.