Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wet Jeans!

I went dow Tuesday morning to switch over the laundry only to discover that my washing machine was broken with a load of very wet jeans in it.  I wasn't too excited to find that!  Our machine had broken once and was fixed and had been working fine since then.  So I was kind of surprised to see it just stop like that.  Now I had a load of wet jeans and a dryer that already took two drying cycles to dry a normal load of laundry.  It was going to take days to dry those things!  The weather outside was freezing so I couldn't hang them up outside an I had no where inside to hang themk and let them puddle.  Well, I began the quest of finding a new washer.  Craigslist had nothing.  Of all the times I have seen washers and dryers on there, there was nothing!  So I began looking for a new one.  Along the way Michael told me to go ahead and get a dryer too.  I never realized how expensive those things are!  It has been almost 10 years since we bought some and I was not at all excited about spending so much money.  Yesterday I went out looking.  I finally sucked it up and bought some.  They are very nice, but I am leary about them.  Everything is so electronic now.  I hope they last like my others did.  I do NOT want to do this again anytime soon!  Michael went and picked them up as the load of jeans finished their last of 5 or 6 cycles in the old dryer and were finally dry.  When we brought them home the kids wanted to know what they were.  We explained that they were their Christmas presents and we were going to have to take all their others back.  They studied our faces trying to figure out if we were joking or not.  To help them feel better, I let them know that they would be able to wear clean clothes Christmas morning as they sat and looked at the empty tree:)  They knew we were kidding at that point and ran off to play with the big boxes.  I must say, they are also very heavy to lift and take downstairs.  Michael had the hard part.  Once they got lowered onto the stairs (he was at the bottom and I was at the top), he would slowly walk down the stairs with that huge thing and let it slide behind him.  I was afraid it would run him over but it didn't.  Anyways,they are hooked up and I am doing laundry as fast as I possibly can!  It doesn't take long to get behind with six kids, one who is being potty trained and two who have decided to get the stomch flu!


Katie said...

I am so glad you got new ones! You definately used your old ones. I bet it would be nice to have two sets. Where did you get them? What kind did you end up with? We have been starting to look for some, hoping we don't have to get them, but knowing ours will only last so long.

Emma said...

We got LG front loaders, 4.0 cubic ft washer - a kingsize capacity.