Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Weekend

I just have to tell you all about my weekend.  I guess just to let a little steam off so all my children are still here at the end of the day.  Friday morning Michael left town. I babysat all day from 7am to 4:30 pm.  We went out in the morning and did a few errands, came home, ate lunch and had a semi-quiet quiet time.  The big kids got home from school around 4pm.  About 4:45 I took them to McDonalds for drive thru supper, rushed home and started getting ready for the k-2nd grade concert.  We left about 6:40 to go to school, a 20 minute drive.  Concert went okay.  Kids did a good job.  Afterwards we had to go to the classrooms to pick everyone up.  It was clear at the other end of the building.  My hands were full so Maddi was trying to keep tabs on Olivia who found great pleasure running through the crowds ahead of us. The hallways were jammed packed and I couldn't get to her so Maddi would try to chase her and hold her down until I could catch up.  I would hold Lala's hand and she would scream as we slowly moved down the hall.  By the time we made it to all three classrooms the halls had cleared out some.  Lala then began to run and try to slide on the carpet with her white tights.  I once again held her hand as she screamed all the way back to the other end of the building.  And yes, people noticed:)  As we walked past the tables selling rootbeer floats I had to say no to that over and over again to insistent children and eventualy threathen their lives if they didn't stop asking.  We eventully made it the door where I had to fight Olivia to the ground to get her coat on her- she hates wearing it.  Maddi then realized she had dropped one of Dillon's school papers some where along the way.  The thought of back tracking almost pushed me over the edge but luckily Maddi found it quickly and out the door we went with Olivia being dragged behind screaming and fighting to get her coat off.

When we got home we called Michael, got on pajamas and brought our sleeping bags out to sleep by the Christmas tree.  I then proceeded to make cupcakes for a baby shower the next morning only to realize I had no eggs.  It's 9pm, all the nieghbors were gone, it was freezing cold outside and the kids were in their pjs.  I emailed an apology to the girl in charge and let her know that my cupcakes were going to be store bought!  We turned out the lights around 10 pm.  At 10:30 I forced Olivia into my bed because she kept playing in the living room. She cried herself to sleepby 11pm.  Around that time I made Zeke and Zane go to their beds.  They, too, cried themsleves to sleep. 2:30 am, Olivia falls off the bed.  3am she goes out into the living room to sleep and starts crying when she can't find Maddi.  Maddi wakes up, I get them both settled and we all go back to sleep.  6:30 am the kids are awake and in my bed.  The beginning of another day!

8 am we leave the house and head to JCP.  Not exactly where I wanted to be going with 6 children but I had no options. There were things I had to get and they had to come with me.  I felt bad for dragging them through the store so I let them pick out something. $80 later we left. On to the grocery store for cupcakes and doughnuts and then to church for the baby shower.  Baby shower was crazy.  My kids (especially one) were all over the place and  had to constantly go and round them up and bring them back.  It didn't help that there were some other kids there helping to lead them around.  I wouldn't have cared so much but they had people there cleaning and they didn't need my six kids running around.

After that we headed to ToysRUs.  BIG mistake!  There were so many people there.  Me and my kids naturall take up more space than most and it was a nightmare trying to manuver through all the people.  However, I had promised Makenna she could go there with her gift certificate and they had a sale going on for a toy that Zane wanted to get for his class gift exchange.  We found what we needed and went to pay.  When we got there we were told that the toy Zane had picked you had to get two of if you wanted the deal.  I about died.  I said never mind and we left.  We came home and spent the rest of the day inside.  We made Christmas cards and then Maddi helped me make caramel and chocolate covered pretzels.  Well, the caramel didn't quite turn out and ended up sticking to the wax paper so a 40 minute project turned into 2 hours.  It was 6 pm by the time we finished.   I was tired and frustrated so we had cereal for supper, watched Santa Clause 2 and 3, ate popcorn, took bathes and went to bed.  Michael got home sometime after 11pm.

This morning as we were getting ready, I told Michael that Olivia couldn't go to nursery today because she had a runny nose and a cough so we were going to have to keep her out.  He then informed me that he wasn't going to be at church because he had to work!  What was supposed to be an evening parade turned into afternoon wagon rides and everything else.  So there I was after such a long weekend heading to church by myself with the kids.  Olivia wasn't feeling well, Makenna was on one of her kicks (still), I had to teach my class and I was frustrated with all of it.  Olivia leaked through her diaper and puddled all over the floor duing primary, I had to tackle her once again to the ground and pin her while I put her coat on and then drag her out to the car crying after church, buckle her in and listen to her cry herslelf to sleep.  Thank goodness for chocolate and Diet Dr. Pepper!

Now the kids are downstairs "cleaning". They have been there for 30 minutes or so.  Three of them have been up to tattle, one of them several times, at least three of them have sat down there crying and they all claim to be the only ones doing the cleaning.  Maybe I should go help them but I'm not going to.  I know, not very nice, but I don't really feel very nice right now.  Michael won't be home until after 7pm and I don't want to deal with it right now.

So there you have it! My weekend.  I don't mean to complain but I have had no one to talk to all weekend so I needed to get it out somehow.  I really do love my children and weekends like this make me very grateful I am not a single mom and that I do have a husband that helps me when he is home.  It also makes me very frustrated to always be the one left behind to d it all.  I know, that'my job and it's a job that I love most all of the time but everyone needs a break every now and then right?  Well, hopefully my time is coming soon.  I am dreaming of getting highlights and a trim (not that it will happen because highlights are expensive but I'm dreaming right?), maybe a nice lunch and some time to window shop without having to be home by a certain time.  Those are my dreams but I will be happy with a 30 minute run to Walmart to get groceries without having to haul the kids:)

Hope you all - whoever reads this - have a lovely week! 


Katie said...

Hey, we chatted for a little bit on Friday night :)
Sounds like we need a get away weekend. Love you and your perserverance. Here is to a better week.

Spencer and Kimberly said...

Sounds like an eventful weekend! Thanks for sharing. So much of it sounded so familiar. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a hard time sometimes. I hope you have a wonderful week next week and get your chance to get away!