Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Highlights

Christmas Day has come and gone.  This year was a little different than what we had planned.  Our usual Christmas Eve at our friends' house had to be canlled because of the big snow storm that had hit the area.  The interstates were closed, travel was not advised and we were completely snowed in.  The kis did get to go out and play in the snow.  That certainly helped pass the time.  Michael had to work all morning trying to clear out the snow for the workers that were coming in for their shifts.  Once here, they had to stay.  They ay get to go home today.  When Michael came in for lunch the kids opened their presents from each other. That also provided  much needed break from the wait for Santa.  Michael smoked a ham for supper.  It was delicious.  Before bed we did our Light of Christ family home evening that we usually do when we go to our friends' house.  Then we set out our stockings, Santa's cookies, and the reindeers gliittery oats.  Then off to bed we went.

Now for the highlights:

11 pm:  finally able to go to bed after we made sure "Santa" had come
2 am: woke to some one moving around only to find Makenna sitting on the couch holding her prize that Santa left by her pillow, waiting for every one else to get up. Sent her to bed with instructions not to come back up before 6am.

6:15am:  Makenna and Maddi come bounding up the stairs.  Michael and I slowly roll out of bed.  We let them open their stockings wile they wait for every one else.

6:45 am:  They are allowed to wake up the boys.  Zeke sees his bucky bull from Joyce and Jim and immediately there is a rodeo in our living room!

7 am:  Olivia is wakened and extremey excited about all the can Santa left.
7:15 am:  We can FINALLY open presents!!

8:15 am:  after opening things one by one and stopping on occasion to clear out the wrapping paper we are done and Michael is off to work to clear snow so the boys can get to breakfast.
9am: breakfast
10 am: out to play in the snow.
1 pm:  Inside playing the Wii
5:30 pm:  Zeke asleep on the couch, Michael headed out to find the other kids who had disappeared while playing in the snow.  He finds them several houses down, building tunnels in the snow in the big row of trees next to the road with the neighbor kids.
8 pm:  bring pillows and blankets to the basement, watch the movie Up and have a sleepover

Favorite gifts:
Olivia: Baby with wagon and shopping cart.  She also loved the Dora barn and truck
Zeke:  Bouncy bull and nerf gun
Dillon:  snowboard, nerf gun and Vikings pillow

Zane:  Packers jersey and snowboard

Makenna:  Webkinz and Apples to Apples game
Maddi:  Vikings football and skateboard

Michael:  coveralls
Me:  Wii active sports
The whole family:  Wii - given to us by Michael's sister Stacey.  We spent many hours playing that yesterday.  First thing that the kids did this morning after they woke up was turn it on.   I even got a knock out this morning with the boxing game!

Games played together:
Bop it
Apples to Apples (we even got Michael to play with us)
Monster Match
Go Fish
House (Olivia and Dillon)
Shooting the nerf guns
Crazy 8s

Anyways, we had a great day!  The kids had fun and we spent a day with no fighting.  There didn't seem to be the let down that there has been other years.  You know, after the presents are opened and the initial excitement has worn off.  Maybe part of that was because they were able to go out and play in the snow (almost 2 ft of it) for hours.  Maybe because Santa and others brought things that they could do together, like board games, card games and the Wii.  All of us us spent the day taking turns, whether on the Wii, the snowboard or playing games.  It was a really nice day and one that I will always remember.  The spirit in our home was good and the time spent together was fun.


Spencer and Kimberly said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Monica said...

That sounds like a good day! I have to say, we are totally jealous about the snow part. Dry as a bone here in Idaho.