Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fun Crafts

Yesterday at our play group the mom that was in charge showed us how to make these cute crafts. She has a cricket (I am very jealous) and she cut out the vinyl letters with that. We made the one that says joy.  It was so easy to make that I decided to make my own tonight.  I got pre-punched out letters and they worked just fine.  Tomorrow the kids want to make one. We will try it with stamping the letters on.  Anyways, all you do is cut out some 2x4's into different lengths and paint them what ever color you want.  Then you pick out different kinds of scrapbook paper and cut them to size.  After the paint dries, use modge podge and stick the paper to the wood.  Let it dry a little and then modge podge over the top to make it shiny.  If you are using vinyl letters wait until it dries to put them on.  If you are using paper letters , put them on as soon as you put on the top coat.  Then put another coat just on top of the letter. If you are stamping letters, put them on before you put the paper on the wood. Simple.  Easy.  Cute.