Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Some snow is pretty and for me brings a feeling of peace and wonderment.  Monday morning we had one of those snowfalls. It was gentle and covered everything just enough to make it really pretty.  Of course, being home all day I eventually went to the computer and wrote it all down.  When you read, don't picture a full blown South Dakota blizzard, just picture a soft snow fall that you would want to see on Christmas Eve.

Falling softly to the ground in silent, peaceful beauty
The gentleness of morning snow brings feelings of tranquility
Creating a calm, picturesque scene as it covers house and tree
A soft blanket of white so clean and pure, full of quiet serenity

The beauty of the outside world comforts all my thoughts
My soul begins to stir within, my heart begins to dance
For just as the snow envelopes the earth with love and tenderness
The Savior wraps me in His arms and fills me with assurance

And as I take in the majestic scene I feel His presence near
For the splendor that lays before my eyes testifies to me
That His love for me is pure and true, selfless and unending
And will lead me back into His arms for all eternity

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