Friday, October 30, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

Last night I went to parent teacher conferences.   I was very pleased to hear what all the teachers said about the kids.  Dillon is doing very well (he was the one I was most concerned about because he is so young).  Hi teacher says he keeps up with the class, is improving on his handwriting, listens and follows instructions very well, and is very nice to be around.  Zane is also doing very well.  He is learning to read and really enjoys it.  His handwriting is aso getting better and he is a good speller.  She says he is a good listener and very good in class.  Makenna's teacher says she is an amazing student.  She is an excellent reader. 2nd graders are supposed to read 50-60 words per minute and she tested at 159.  She is in 3rd grade reading and goes 3 times a week with one other student to a special reading class.  Her teacher says she is also good at art, story writing and math, and she is an excellent speller.  Maddi's teacher also had good things to say.  She enjoys Maddi and Maddi is a good student.  She too, is in a special reading group with advanced readers.  She also goes three times a week to a special reading group.  She said Maddi is good at art math, story writing, and english.  All the kids got A's on their report cards and they all seem to really like school and their teachers.  Anyways, it was all things a mother loves to hear about her children!  I am very proud of them and all the work they do.

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Katie said...

Awesome! I wish we had a reading program like that at our school.