Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Never Ending Cough

We seem to have it.  I think it is a permanent thing here now.  I started coughing over 2 months ago.  Zeke started a few weeks after that.  His came with a fever and head ache that lasted for a few days and throwing up when his head hurt too bad from the fever.  Makenna started after that.  She also threw up.  Then Zane.  I thought we were getting better but then Makenna and Zeke started coughing more.  I took them in to the doctor, she gave them medicine.  It seemed to help but then Zane started up again over the weekend.  Now Zeke is back coughing with a fever and head ache and my cough has come back full force.  It's driving me crazy!!  I don't think my doctor has a clue.  She doesn't test us for anything.  She gives us medicine to "try" and "if that doesn't work..."  Well, so far it hasn't worked.  In the meantime, we stay home when we don't feel good and we get out when we can  What else can you do?

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Katie said...

argh! i feel your pain. Is there another dr. in town you can go to?
get better soon.