Wednesday, October 21, 2009


No, we don't have it.  At least I think we don't.  In all honesty I have given up on going to the doctor and we haven't been.  But, there has been a confirmed case here on the ranch I guess.  All the kids walk around with the little white masks on their faces.  We have been keeping to ourselves so hopefully it won't spread across the road here.  When Michael is around them he is outdoors so hopefully that helps for protection too.  We've had three deaths here in South Dakota related to the swine flu.  I must say, it makes me a little nervous.  Not freaking out nervous, but a little.  They say it is hitting the younger generation - 25 and under - the worst.  Lucky for me, I had a birthday so I am no longer in that generation:), but the kids are.  Anyways, for now we are almost healthy and hopefully we will find a new doctor soon so we can have someone we feel good about to go to when we need to.

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Katie said...

Hope you don't get it. It is horrible. I am still not feeling great. Take it easy and take lots of vitamins and drink lots of juice.