Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cheer Camp

Last week Maddi and Makenna went to a cheer camp.  They learned a dance to Hannh Montana's "Hoedown Throwdown"  - one of their favorite songs off the new Hannah Montana movie.  Last night we went to the home footballgame to watch it.  Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It almost reached 50 degrees and it was sunny with no breeze.  I forced the kids to put on sweatshirts, vests, hats and mittens because I knew it would cool off as it got dark.  We went at 5pm so they could practice with the cheerleaders before the game.  Then we went down and ate supper at the FFA fundraiser - soup and sandwiches, bars and drinks.  Most of the soup got thrown away but everything else got gobbled up  Around 6:30 we headed to the football field and found a seat on the second row in front of the cheerleaders (I never sit in front of the cheerleaders, they just get in the way of the game.  We were there for the girls though and that's where they wanted to sit.)  About the time the game started clouds rolled in and it started raining.  Not huge rain, just enough to get us damp as the sun went down and the temperature dropped.  It rained for about 30 minutes then stopped.  Then the wind picked up.  We were freezing!  Even the girls had lost some of the excitement and started complaining about being cold.  The four little ones and I tried to cuddle under Olivias fleece Dora blanket to stay a little warmer while the girls played around with their friends.  We eventually went to the concession stands and and got some popcorn and nachos hoping to distract from the cold.  It helped for a few minutes, but not vey well.  After 30 minutes of freezing in the wind, it started snowing.  Yes, snowing! The temperature had dropped down into the 30's and the wind chill was much lower than that.  It was so cold!  All these little cheer camp girls were huddled together shivering.  The parents were watching the scoreboard, groaning everytime the clock stopped.  Finally it was half time.  The girls ran out on the field, did their thing and we left as fast as we possibly could!  Zeke whimpered and moaned all the way to the car because he was so cold.  No one could get their seatbelts fastened because their fingers were so stiff.  I called Michael, who had just gotten back to town, and told him to turn up the heat!  I told him when we got home that if we lived in South Dakota when the girls got into high school they could NOT be football cheerleaders and if they did I would NOT come to the games to support them!  They did a really good job though and looked cute out there despite the falling snow (actually it was blowing sideways but whatever!).  I got a few pictures but it was dark, my fingers weren't responding to my brainwaves, and I was surrounded by little children trying to stay warm.  I will try to get a better picture of them in their shirts to post later.  And yes, the little spots in the pictures are snow and no I don't which ones are Maddi and Makenna. To be completely honest, I'm not even sure they are in the picture!  It was too hard to tell with all the hats and coats and gloves flying around out there and my camera wouldn't zoom any closer.  That's what it looked like though, a bunch of little girls out there dancing with the cheerleaders! It really was cute.

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Annie said...

That was a beautiful post about your dad and always getting back up. I love role models and you seem to have a great one. Your kids are so dang cute!