Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today, Zeke, Olivia and I went to school to read to the kids.  We went to Dillon's classroom and Maddi's classroom.  I wore my witch hat and Zeke and Olivia dessed up as pirates.  We made their costumes yesterday.  They wanted to be matching pirates so we found matching clothes at Walmart and cut them up to look like pirate clothes.  They were so excited to wear them. The wore them yesterday afternoon and waited for Michael to get home so they could scare him.  This morning they couldn't wait to get home from play group so they could wear them.  Every where we went they would walk around saying "Aarrgghh!"  It was cute.  They even wore them to the doctor's office to get flu shots.  We had a lot of fun at school.  The classes enjoyed the break from their day and we enjoyed going.  Next week we go to Makenna's class.  She is student of the week so we will go and celebrate with her.  We will go to Zane's class at the end of the month.