Thursday, September 10, 2009


I think we have all had at least one person in our lives from an older generation that we have formed a bond with. I ahve had several. One was an elderly widow that I lived next door to for 4 years. I spent many hours at her house, helping her clean, reach things she couldn't, and talking. Occasioanlly she would bake cookies for me and often we would bring her dinner. I cried when we moved away because I knew that I would never see her again. But her memory lives in my heart. Another was a widow in the nursing home that I delivered papers to. We became good friends. I would make her things and take them to her and she would make me things and give them to me. We did our piano recitals there and she always came. I loved seeing her everyday. Anyways, despite our different ages and backgrounds, we were able to form friendships that lasted through many years. Today I heard of a little boy who just lost some one like that in his life and it made me think of all the times that I shared with these special women and this is what came to my mind:

Two sitting together in quiet conversation, so different yet the same
She has hands showing wrinkles and age, he has hands youthful and smooth
Two separated by many years and many of life’s experiences
Are brought together through a love and friendship that cannot be broken
Many afternoons spent together, both seeming to need each other
She, being reminded of youthful fun – a life lived long ago.
He, feeling special from her undivided attention as they talk and play together

The quiet conversations have now turned to prayers from deep within the soul.
Instead of sitting side by side they are walking heart to heart.
Though she has left his side here on earth she still stays close by him.
Their time together is cherished and will never be forgotten.
Her legacy lives on in his heart; her teachings live on in his life.
And when all is calm and quiet, he can still sometimes feel
Her aged, wrinkled hands holding on tight to his, so youthful and smooth.

Right now the pain is great, but as time passes the hurting will ease
The tears will fade and his smile will return for love, in the end, brings joy
Fond memories will bring happiness and contentment
The sound of her name will bring nostalgia and warmth
And as his hands begin to show wrinkles and age, he will find as she did
Someone with hands youthful and smooth that he can hold on to
And he can be to that young heart what she has been to his.

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Melissa said...

Wow, you're making me tear up! You are such a wonderful writer, thank you so much for always sharing with us!