Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dillon turns 5!

Yesterday was Dillon's 5th birthday. He was so excited for it to come this year. We did a western theme, of course. Everyone got a sherrifs badge and a boot mug. Dillon got to wear a cowboy hat for his birthday hat and I found him a cute shirt that says, "Mom's lil buckaroo" that he got to wear to school (they still like that stuff when they are this age!) We also had a horse pinata that the kids got to hit open. Michael took us on a wagon ride and all the kids that wanted to got a turn sitting up on the seat with him and got to help him drive the horses. I even got a turn to drive them. It was a lot of fun. He got a surprise after school from our friends, the Olsens, from Hendricks. They came up for his birthday and were waiting for him when he got off the bus. All the kdis were excited from that surprise! We played all evening and had a great time. Happy Birthday Dillon!This is a poem I wrote about Dillon. It, of course, doesn't portray all that Dillon is and all that I feel about him. It is so hard to put into words how you feel about someone who is so special, but this is my attempt.

It seems like yesterday when I first held you
Your tiny hands, perfect face and pretty eyes of blue
Your special spirit brought a change to my life
Your sweet smile still melts away the strife.
Each hug that you give me fills me with love
I know you’re a special gift from heaven above
Your gentle ways are pure and true
You bring joy to my life in all that you do
Though young in years, your spirit is wise
The light of Christ within you lies
Best buddies forever, me and you
I love you, little buckaroo!

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Spencer and Kimberly said...

That's a nice poem. Happy Birthday to Dillon!!