Monday, July 13, 2009

New Swimming Fun

Today we tried a new pool in Soux Falls. We got pool passes that let us get in to all the public pools in Sioux Falls (there are a ton), so we thought we would start trying some of them. Theone we went to tday has a zero depth pool with two different slides, some big, floaty toys to climb on and a big sand and water area. It also has Two big slides, one you can use a tube on and one you go on without tubes. Makenna was the only one big enough to do those. She ahd tons of fun on them. It also has three drop off slides. No one tried those. Olivia and the boys loved the smaller slides in the shallow part. They also had a lot of fun in the sand area. They want to go try another pool tomorrow. There is a brand new water park that we might go try or else a spray park. It's all free for us so we might as well make use of it! It was a lot of fun and what better way to spend the summer. When Maddi gets home we will have all sorts of places to take her!

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Melissa said...

Dang, Sioux Falls sounds like a fun place to live!