Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Bikes!

I must say, I love Craigs List! You can find some really good things on there for really good prices. Since we've been here we have gotten several things off Craigs list - couches, a dog, twin bunkbeds and toddler bunkbeds, and now three bikes! I've even sold some things on there - a crib, a high chair, two bikes and another crib. So, back to the bikes - Zane got a motorcycle bike. It was originally meant for Dillon but even though the bike looks small, it was too big for him so Zane got it. Dillon preferred his old bike anyways. Zane loves his new "motorcycle". He rides alll over the ranch on it. Zeke also got a new bike. His is a Power Rangers one and was pretty much brand new. He also loves his because it goes "weally super fast"! The other bike is for Maddi. She has not ridden it yet but Makenna has and really likes it. So here are picture of my little bikers. They are too cool for their own good! I think Zane is ready to head down to Hot Harley Nights here in Sioux Falls!

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