Monday, July 6, 2009

Maddi's trip - Day 8

Today Maddi is on her way to Virginia. She had a lot of fun in Nashville. She visited family, went swimming, played in a park somewhere, ate a lot of chicken, and went shopping. Everynight before bed, my mom would read her a chapter from one of her books and after her bath she would get her hair done. She loved it! Saturday my brother, Spencer, and his family came so she got to spend Saturday and Sunday playing with them and their kids. Saturday was also the big family reunion. She had fun at that too. They played baseball and she went wading in the creek. I'm glad she is having a great time. The kids here are missing her. Olivia still think she's up in the barn and wants to go there and get her. Everything we do, Dillon wants to make sure we include Maddi in it somehow. Michael and I miss her too of course!

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