Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Maddi's Trip - Day 3

Maddi is on day 3 of her trip. She made it to Nashville yesterday. They stopped along the way in St. Louis and went to the Gateway Arch and the Martin Luther King Bridge. They ate supper at my Aunt Peg's house. Then she went out and played basketball with Grandma Walba. Today they are going to my sister, Katie's gravesite. Maddi knows Katie's story so it will be neat for her to get to go there. I think they will also go to my grandpa's gravesite. Maddi remembers him. He just died on March 14th (Katie's birthday). Tonight they will go to dinner with Aunt Peg and Uncle Rufus. She is still having a great time and enjoying all the things she is geting to do!

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